On World Series Home-Field Advantage

Some hot baseball numbers for your Monday morning consideration.

Here’s the Texas Ranger’s regular season record:

Wins – 96, Losses – 66, Winning Percentage – .593

Here’s the St. Louis Cardinal’s regular season record:

Wins – 90, Losses – 72, Winning Percentage – .556

The team from Texas played better baseball over the long regular season than the team from St. Louis, and yet, the Cardinals will enjoy home-field advantage in the World Series because the National League won the (should be) unimportant and (should be) meaningless All-Star Game like, 4 months ago. Maybe this home-field advantage won’t play much of a factor, maybe (probably) the series won’t even reach a 7th game, but the advantage, or potential for it, exists nonetheless. All of this is kind of funny, considering that C.J. Wilson, the de facto ace of the Ranger’s staff pitched in the All-Star game and took the loss, giving up 3 runs in 1 inning of work. It’s kind of funny, but mostly the way Major League Baseball determines home-field advantage for the World Series is just stupid. And dumb. And I hate it.

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