Three Thoughts on Game Three of the World Series

Holy shit the quality of that video is terrible. I could probably figure out how to make my own but that would take way too long. The Seahawks are currently in a 3-6 barnburner against the Browns and I’m not about to divert my attention away from this heavyweight slugfest.

Thought Number One: Albert Pujols is pretty good.

Thought Number Two: If Ron Washington held out any hope in the 7th inning last night that his team could come back and win the baseball game, he should have had any other pitcher on his roster face Albert Pujols than Mike Gonzales. Right-handed hitters are triple slashing .287/.375/.525 vs. Gonzales this season in 101 at-bats. That’s roughly comparable to what Albert Pujols hit this year (.288/.366/.541). When normal right-handers turn into Albert Pujols against Mike Gonzales, I’m scared to guess what Albert Pujols turns into against him. Babe Ruth, I guess.

Thought Number Three: Jeff Sullivan pretty much nailed this over at Lookout Landing (that Hail Mary, my God!), but I can’t keep myself from a quick rant. I don’t need to post an image or link to a video of the botched call last night. It was a bad call, and obviously wrong. I don’t think it’s too much to suggest that the entire game changed afterwards. There’s no telling what actually would have happened had the call been correct, maybe the Cardinals win 16-7 anyway, but it would not have have been difficult to get it right, and eliminate all of this second-guessing. It’s embarrassing as hell when the entire world knows the truth about what happened on the field, and the only person in the dark is the man responsible for enforcing the game. Why should something so simple and obvious be kept from some poor sap just trying to do his job? Why should he be forced to catch the replay after the game, and in a matter of seconds see how blatantly wrong he was and feel terrible about it? Bud Selig is currently really concerned about the fucking All-Star game, maybe he should shift his attention toward the fact that baseball is looking like a dinosaur sport with a credibility problem on the biggest stage of its season.

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