Dirk Hayhurst: Pwning Noobs on Twittah

Dirk Hayhurst is a Smart Guy

Your daily dose of concise intellectual domination is being brought to you via the Tweet stylings of one Dirk Hayhurst aka The Garfoose aka the author of The Bullpen Gospels.* Sometimes man, in his futile search for meaning in the face of astronomical darkness and mystery, foolishly stumbles upon a fleeting instant of searing clarity that, if only for the shortest of moments, abates the unrelenting spectre of existential doom. This, my friends, just happens to be one of those moments. Revel in it.

*Probably not all that interesting side-note: I recently traded a copy of Lolita to a friend for a copy of the Bullpen Gospels (weirdest book trade ever!?) There used to be two identical copies of Lolita on our bookshelf because my wife and I totally liked all the same books even before we met (soul mates, ya’ll!) Our friend was visiting Seattle before leaving the west coast to go work on some organic farms in exchange for room, board, and the opportunity to become one with nature. Weird guy. Unfortunately, I haven’t yet got around to reading the book. Reading the internet, watching a borderline unhealthy amount of television, and forcing oneself to uncomfortably write every day after a very long period of not doing so seems to take up all of your leisure reading time. That, or I manage my life terribly.

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