Adrian Beltre: One Kneein’ It

Adrian Beltre is CoolAdrian Beltre is Cool

I was going to write a quick post this morning about how insane last nights game was. Me, and every other person on the internet, apparently. The big boy professionals who get paid all the cash to stay up into the wee hours of the morning dissecting World Series games have kind of covered the whole deal. To recap: There were a lot of silly intentional walks and bunts and both managers are pretty stupid and the Rangers defense was either really bad or really good when the ball got hit to them and that Derek Holland interview was a goddamn trainwreck and Chris Carpenter said some bad words on TV and why the fuck was Allan Craig running those two times and Marc Rzepczynski vs. Mike Napoli was a real laugher and Tony La Russa says it was too loud and his bullpen couch didn’t understand him but that’s probably a load of bullshit and even if it’s not it’s still hilarious and silly and wow that game sure was weird and annoying and crazy.

Now that we’ve got that out of the way, let’s take a moment or two to appreciate the glory displayed in the above Graphics Interchange Formats. Unless you’re reading this on a Tandy or something, you should be seeing Adrian Beltre smacking the hell out of a breaking pitch and falling to one knee from the sheer force of his own awesomeness as the ball leaves the field of play into the stands for a home run. It’s no secret around here that I enjoy it very much when this happens, and I yelled quite loudly in my living room while witnessing it live. So what if last night’s game was a total cluster F? Incompetence can be entertaining—and from all that garbage grew the above digital flower.

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