World Series Game Six Rainout Live Blog

Fucking Rain

The Trance of Waiting is happy to announce that we’ll be live blogging tonight’s World Series Game Six Rainout! Things should get started around 5pm Western United States Time. Sit back, pop a brew, and follow all the white hot action live right here. See you tonight!

5:00 – And we’re off! I just finished doing the dishes and am now blogging this very instant with the HGTV program House Hunters playing on the television. Before I got home, I spent some time at the local grocery store, purchasing some chicken, an artichoke, balsamic vinegar and the like. You know, the essentials.

5:13 – These fools should pick House #2. With its hardwood floors, general layout, and deck coming off the kitchen, it’s definitely due for some positive regression. You’re gonna get more wins per dollar, here.

5:19 – Our good friend Lance Berkman on the rainout: “I’m not even sure why they canceled it. This is better than the weather for Game 1. I guess I’m going to lie back on the couch like a big, fat pig and watch a movie.” Doesn’t he mean big, fat PUMA?! Those Cardinals, so free and loose! Don’t count those scrapmeisters out just yet.

5:24 – Maybe Lance will be joining Albert Pujols for popcorn and DVD night.

5:31 – The scent of garlic is wafting into the living room from the kitchen. That shit smells fucking good, you guys!

5:40 – This just in: Skip Schumaker will once again start in center field when game 6 finally gets underway. That is funny. For the last three years, it’s hard to argue that he hasn’t been a below average defender, playing mostly second base.

5:55 – Word on the street is that Tony La Russa plans on seeing Moneyball this evening with his newfound free time. If the Cardinals don’t attempt a single sacrifice bunt tomorrow night, then we’ll know he liked it.

6:19 –  Had to take a bit of a break for dinner. I just finished feasting on some barbeque chicken, fried potatoes, and an arugula salad with homemade dressing. Elite performance by my wife. She really bore down in the clutch to deliver that meal.

6:29 – Currently watching The Real Rocky, about The Bayonne Bleeder Chuck Wepner. It’s one of ESPN’s excellent 30 for 30 type documentaries, and it’s very good. Perhaps a little over-stylized, but considering what I’m doing with my evening, I don’t think I’m in any position to make that kind of judgement.

6:38 – Sylvester Stallone is an asshole.

6:51 – In 1975, the year Wepner fought Muhammad Ali, the Cincinnati Reds aka The Big Red Machine won the World Series, defeating the Boston Red Sox in 7 games in what many think was one of the greatest World Series of all time. The Red’s season was chronicled in Joe Posnaski’s book The Machine, which, like just about everything Mr. Posnaski writes, is a damn fine piece of work.

7:00 – Pete Rose rules. Don’t let anybody tell you different.

7:03 –  The 1970’s were a fucking weird time, man.

7:14 – I just checked Fox to see what they’re broadcasting instead of the World Series. It’s Two and a Half Men. So they have that going for them. The only time I’ve ever watched a full episode of that show was in Argentina on my honeymoon. It’s amazing what you’ll put up with when you’re desperate for the English language.

7:20 – If you’re interested in having the best meal of your life. I recommend traveling to Argentina at your soonest convenience.

7:29 – It’s time to watch Sons of Anarchy. This program is like a 4 WAR player who flashes signs of 7 or 8 WAR potential. It needs to up it’s walks, cut down on it’s Ks, and hit a few more line drives—but it probably never will.

7:33 – And now seems like as good a time as any to bring our exciting World Series Game 6 Rainout Live Blog to an official end. It’s been an unmitigated joy, and I’d love keep going for a bit, but frankly, this is stupid.

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