Assorted Thoughts on Game Six of the World Series

World Series Game 6

That game was absolutely insane. It delivered pretty much what this entire Series has led us to expect. Bad managing, big plays, epic games. I’d elaborate more but my brain is pretty fried and I need to brush my teeth and go to bed. If I were a real man, I’d take the day off tomorrow. The following bullet points were crafted somewhat in real-time, so hopefully you’ll understand why they get progressively more scattered and frantic. We’re going to have a game 7. Of course we are.

  • Call me crazy, but I’m not ready to kill Matt Holliday for his error in the 4th. Obviously, that ball was up in the air a long time, and was his all the way—however, Rafael Furcal was pretty adamant as he went after the ball, and seemed intent on catching it, never once indicating that he was going to yield to Holliday until it was much too late. Furcal is the shortstop, a field general leader-type position, and he was taking charge there. You could visibility see Holliday yelling “Take it! Take it!” before all the confusion and terrible defense and colliding and missing. I’m willing to call it even and split the blame up for that unsightliness 50/50.
  • If I’m making the big bucks, I pinch-hit for Lewis in the 5th with the bases loaded. Lewis is a pitcher, and pitchers are bad at hitting. Sure, so is Yorvit Torrealba, but it doesn’t take much to upgrade over an AL pitcher at the plate. The game could be essentially put away at that moment, and I don’t know if you know this, but Texas has a pretty good bullpen. Once you add impressive thespian Derek Holland’s availability to the equation, the substitution seemed like a no-brainer.
  • And oh look, since I wrote that last bullet point, Dave Cameron over at Fangraphs has posted an epic take-down of Ron Washington’s managerial mistake. Real-time nerd rage!
  • It was particularly amusing to listen to these hack announcers stumble over the awkwardness of Michael Young’s terrible defensive play conflicting with their unabashed love of the man. It’s hard to play the game the right way when you’re kicking the ball all over the infield. When Young hit an RBI double in the 5th inning, Joe Buck raised his voice to a noticeable level. Noticeable since, you know, Joe Buck doesn’t raise his voice for anything. Joe Buck didn’t raise his voice for this.
  • That was one hell of a play by Adrian Beltre to block the hand of a sliding and eventually out Matt Holliday in the 6th inning. It seems insane that a fielder could employ such a maneuver legally—the injury risk for both players in that scenario became extremely obvious after Holliday had to leave the game with his hand all effed up—but supposedly legal it was. Chalk it up to karmic retribution after Holliday’s suspect take-out slide of Elvis Andrus earlier in the game, I guess.
  • Octavio Dotel should have been on the mound to start the 7th inning. We all know the story by now, the guy kills righties. The game was tied, the leverage was high. You simply need your best players with the best match-ups deciding the game at that point. Lance Lynn is a fine pitcher, but facing elimination in the World Series, you need to be squeezing every little advantage you can get out of your roster.
  • Holy shit Yadier Molina is slow.
  • The local boy who grew up in St. Louis rooting for the Cardinals sent his team into extra innings after they were down to their final strike in the World Series. Romanticism in baseball lives.
  • I missed the Hamilton home run because of some Thursday night comedy DVR shenanigans. Can you believe that shit? God damn the fates! And god damn The Office, that show is terrible now anyway.
  • Mike Gonzalez should have been in the game to face Lance Berkman. Berkman career numbers vs. right-handers: .307/.423/.586. Berkman career numbers vs. left-handers: .261/.363/.415. No matter the splits, that guy has had a pretty effing good career, you guys. Also, that no doubles defense was so very stupid. Ron Washington made a lot of mistakes tonight, and his team lost.
  • David. Freese.
  • No snark, that call by Joe Buck was fucking beautiful.
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