I Like Those Hats With the Earflaps

Elvis Knows
They didn’t play a World Series game last night even though they wanted to. It was all cold and raining, apparently. Inclement weather in the latter days of October? Inconceivable! Let’s add a few more playoff teams and drag this sucker out into Thanksgiving. The good news is that when the autumnal chill overtakes post-season baseball diamonds, for one reason or the other we sometimes get to see baseball players wearing these hats with earflaps. They’re big time with shortstops, bespectacled vitamin swallowing managers, and horse-faced Yankees. And I for one, am for ’em! I can’t really place why I enjoy these hats so much. Maybe it’s just my contrarian nature to covet things that are weird and represented in a small quantity. Maybe I have a deep and undiagnosed phobia of ears that I don’t consciously know about. Maybe the flaps trigger in me nostalgia for cold, wet Little League games played in the never-ending sting of Washingtonian post-Winter, and memories of driveway games of one-base-baseball played with a 28 ounce bat and a grocery store soccer ball. Uneven running surfaces. Peg outs and shit. Either way, I like those hats with earflaps, baby. Here’s a humble hope for more in the final game(s) of the Series.

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