Comedian Dave Hill Bringing the World Series Ruckus

It feels kind of strange, the baseball season being over, doesn’t it? I’m sensing this kind of lull all over the expansive world of the baseball nerding internet today—blogs being updated less, enthusiasm waning, the hot stove only sort of lukewarm at this point. It’s kind of a bummer, but what are you going to do? Oh look, CC Sabathia just signed an extension with the Yankees! I’ll admit, even that isn’t doing much for me right now, but it seems like the Yankees did alright on that one? Or whatever? See, things just aren’t that exciting right now. Baseball was real fun and now its over and now all we have left is the unavoidable chaos of free agent rumors and stupid fucking John Heyman tweets and trying to care where Josh Willingham signs and for how much and how long. Don’t get me wrong, I like all that stuff. It’s entertaining at the very least (remember when Vernon Wells actually got traded last year? Goddamn hilarious), and all the inevitable Hall of Fame garbage is sure to get my blood boiling like it always does. There’s going to be plenty to do. It just won’t be the same, is all. I can’t even justify ranking players for fantasy for at least another 3 months or so.

No, I’m still stuck in semi-melancholy appreciation of the World Series and how interesting the whole thing was. It gives me a good opportunity to post some of the frankly amazing tweets that Comedian and Sharp Dresser Dave Hill was releasing to the world as the Fall Classic came to a close. I’ve stolen and re-posted them here, in appreciation, for posterity, and because I’d rather funnier and more talented people do my work for me. It’s Monday. Read the tweetings from the bottom up because that’s how Twitter works, gramps.

Dave Hill Being Hilarious

I think I speak for all of us when I say that that shit is super funny. I was sitting down at a concert venue awaiting the comedy of Doug Benson as my wife showed me these tweets on her phone, and I laughed very hard. There was so much comedy going on in one room in such a concentrated period of time I’m not even sure how I survived it. “Now the Texas team is all crying.” I can’t stop thinking about that and awkwardly smiling to myself in public, holding my hand up to my mouth in some weird pretend yawn that hardly resembles a move any normal person would ever make. I applaud you, Dave Hill, for turning your considerable talents towards the realm of our National Pastime if only for a temporary flight of fancy.

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