Some Things to Like About the Arizona Fall League Rising Stars Game


If you’re a Mariners fan, this is a nice image to look at. There are good words and numbers up there. Relax, forget your petty everyday troubles, and let them wash over you. Not only did two of the Mariners top prospects have fine performances in the Arizona Fall League Rising Stars Game (yes I know it was only two innings and five at-bats—be quiet), but Gerrit “Big Shot First Overall Selection By The Pittsburgh Pirates in the 2011 Major League Baseball Draft” Cole failed to get out of the first inning, throwing only 16 of his 29 pitches for strikes and being charged with five runs on four hits. Looking these numbers over, I don’t think it’s shortsighted or irresponsible at all to consider Cole a total bust, and to anoint Danny Hultzen the steal of the draft. Also, that Nick Franklin creep is kind of good. Dude is 20 (this is where you feel old). I hear he plays shortstop and might even stick there for a while. Shortstops who can hit usually pan out well in the Major Leagues, so let’s cross our fingers.

Seattle Mariners: Successful Baseball Team. If you squint, you can almost see it.

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