Nickelback Zings the Crap out of Baseball Player Peter Moylan

Sometimes, you’re sitting around on a Friday afternoon, and you’re all like ah man, why did I even start that stupid ass baseball blog anyway? Writing is so hard and annoying, and not only that, thinking about something interesting to write about is even worse! You start to slip into self-degradation, killing yourself for lacking talent and creativity and for sucking at city-league basketball and then, something happens on the internet to save you from the spiral. This something just happens to be some Twitterings between Professional Baseball Pitcher Peter Moylan and Canadian Technically-A-Real-Band Nickelback. It’s somewhat baseball related, and somewhat humorous, and that, my friends, is what we call a winner. Behold:

Talent and WitBoth in Canada, and the United States, that’s what I believe to be known as a Nickelback ZINNNNNNNNNNNG!

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