One Heck of a Tweet from Hanley Ramirez

Good Tweeting

This is just one heck of a tweet from Hanley Ramirez. You might notice that in the image above, the timing of the tweet mentions that it was twat “10 minutes ago,” and as of this writing, you might also notice, it’s now very much later than that. Well, I definitely saw this tweet ten minutes after it was posted, and even went so far as to capture and preserve it. So I want points for being on top of my shit. I just didn’t get around to commenting until now. I do not want points taken away for lateness.

Where to start with this? I am currently reading The Sound and the Fury, and I feel like this could very easily be a quotation from the opening section. It would be more convincing if it ended with “Then I cried,” but I’m not going to completely rule it out just yet. Seeing as I haven’t read very far in the text up to this point, I can neither confirm nor deny that Hanley Ramirez is quoting the 33 year-old mentally handicapped member of a dissolving Southern aristocracy portrayed in William Faulkner’s 1929 American literary classic. He could be, he could not be. I just don’t have the facts.

Later in the evening, this tweet begins to take on a rather prophetic tone, as we now know that Hanley is sort of unhappy with the Marlin’s signing of Jose Reyes, and more specifically what that signing means for his future defensive position. Hanley doesn’t want to play third base, they say, despite the fact that Ramirez has probably never been a competent shortstop with the glove and that Jose Reyes gives the Marlins a better chance at winning baseball games. Does nothing make Hanley happy, I wonder? He seems like a hard guy to please. Oh well.

And so I think the only real response to the question raised by Sir Hanley Ramirez in the above tweet is this: Yes Hanley, everyone it’s indeed waiting to see what’s going to happen with you or what you are going to do. Everyone it’s.

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