Louis C.K. Says a Thing Involving Baseball in Some Way

Very Good Comedian Louis C.K. hosted some sort of chat thing on Reddit today. He was promoting a new stand-up special that he’s selling on his website for five dollars and it’s very funny and you should go buy it.  I’m not really all that familiar with Reddit, but I know how to use a computer and I know how to read and I generally know how the internet works so I was able to follow the mess of text that was produced and the online conversation that was taking place. There were some good questions and good answers and it was all very entertaining and interesting. There was also some mention of baseball (!) making it possible for me to comment without too much stress or painful thinking. You see, C.K. was asked if a comedian should perhaps take the stance of an “underdog” when considering his point of view, and Louis responded as follows:

i don’t know about “Supposed to” I think there’s a million ways to do things. there was a pitcher for the Yankees once named Orlando Hernandez or “el Duque” he was a cuban exile. A thing they said about him was he was hard to hit cause he had so many arm angles and release points. a hitter studies a pitcher and watches for the ball so he can time it, but with el duque, you don’t even know where the fucker is coming from. Nine o clock? Eleven? And does he let go of it up top or out front? Impossible. I sometimes think of comedy in those terms.

So there you have it. He mentioned a baseball player. And here we are. I must admit, I remember El Duque pitching in some playoff games, and thanks to the wonder of the internet, I can confirm that he did indeed win four goddamn World Series Championships, but he reached his zenith before I had completely come over to the darkside of baseball nerdery. I do not have much to add as far as baseball is concerned. Did he really change arm angles and release points as C.K. claims? Wikipedia doesn’t tell me and so I do not know. It sounds pretty cool, though. I hope it’s true. To be honest, Louis C.K. mentioned baseball, and since I think he’s very awesome, I had to write about it. It’s not like I cultivated an amazing angle on this whole thing or did a lot of research. The Greatest Comedian Alive mentioned a baseball player and it was such a clash of personal interests I was compelled to produce some words about it. Those words  have been this post.


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