Prince Fielder Rumors

Prince Fielder is now a pescetarian.

The Toronto Blue Jays have offered Prince Fielder a 6 year deal worth $17 million per year with $30 million of deferred money (no interest) to be paid out in $5 million increments every other year starting the season following Fielder’s official retirement from baseball so as long as that year does not end with the numbers 9 or 3. If it does all deferred money is considered void.

Scott Boras has alerted MLB teams that Fielder is not willing to sign with any franchise that features the color orange in their logo or uniforms.

Prince Fielder was credited as head writer on a later season script of Fox’s ill-fated television show Lone Star. His work did not make it to air as the show was cancelled after only two poorly rated episodes.

Fielder is prone to night terrors and somnambulism.

The Seattle Mariners have offered Prince Fielder a 3 year, $74 million contract which pays per season $10 million, $30 million and $34 million. The contact includes a team opt-out option after the first year.

Ken Rosenthal reports that Scott Boras calls him and talks to him about Prince like, all the time.

Prince Fielder is a covert member of the United States Naval Special Warfare Development Group Seal Team 6 and was in action during the capture and killing of Osama Bin Laden.

Prince Fielder’s favorite Girl Scout Cookies are Samoas.

Prince Fielder will be taking a year off from baseball to pursue a degree in Sports and Fitness Administration from Mount Union College in Alliance, Ohio.

Prince Fielder thinks Corey Hart looks way better without all that crap on his face.

Prince Fielder suffers from Crohn’s disease.


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