Felix Hernandez is a Baller and Other Unrelated Things

“I don’t try to strike out people, but sometimes they swing and miss.” — Felix Hernandez, May 2011

The following quote can be found over at Fangraphs, leading off David Laurila’s post recounting some of the best things said to him by baseball players in the year 2011. I don’t think I read a Laurila interview this year that wasn’t awesome and interesting. On a dead internet Friday, you could do worse than to check one or five of them out. If you’ve noticed, and God bless you if you have, I’ve been laying a bit low as well. One might think that for an aspiring blogger, a dead week of internet time in which many readers are starved for and withheld from content would be a good time to pump out many serious writings and get some eyes on your words. One would probably be right, but complete and total sloth and ambivalence have taken me this far and I’m not about to change my ways now. The great and hilarious tragedy of my life is that I completely and utterly excel at doing absolutely nothing productive. I dominate that shit. Don’t even try and step to me. And besides, I’ll be back, and I’ve been staying sharp. If the “leading off” pun above doesn’t convince you, I’ll have you know I’ve still been reading the baseball internets and I watched a good three-quarters of “A League of Their Own” on Monday night. Something tells me I’ll be writing a bit more about that experience in the coming days. That’s a tease, kids. Feel manipulated. Until then, revel in the wonder of Felix Hernandez for a bit, continue to eat and drink things that are bad for you for a little while longer, and we’ll see you on the other side.

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