Over at Lookout Landing: Prince Fielder Filibuster

As a writer (something I cautiously claim to be on the internet but would never admit to in real life) you will, at times, read a piece that was written by someone else and it will be so good it will make you want to just quit. It happens. And it’s kind of a twisted compliment, but it’s a compliment nonetheless. I read such a piece this morning, and as it goes, I’m quitting!*

I’m a Mariners fan, and being a Mariners fan, I frequent the internet website Lookout Landing. Even if you’re not a Mariners fan, you should, too. This guy Jeff Sullivan is pretty good. He seems to have his shit together. He wrote this post entitled “Prince Fielder Filibuster,” and it’s nothing short of brilliant and hilarious. You may have heard, but Prince Fielder is a free agent, and the Mariners have been mentioned as a possible destination for him. A lot of people are interested in this type of speculation! Take a break from this minor league hack and go check out what they’re doing up in The Show.

*For the evening. I’ll be watching UW basketball if anyone needs me. Basketball is this sport with an orange ball, among other things.


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