My Hall of Fame Ballot

Last year, I was all about getting fired up and debating the Hall of Fame voting. I was looking up all these baseball statistics, comparing OPS+’s, making all sorts of WAR graphs, the whole thing. It was a lot of fun. If only I had all those endless chat conversations with my friends saved in some kind of digital storage area that I could easily search and access. Oh right, I do, but what am I going to do? Find them, sort them, remove all of the ALL CAPS YELLING and fuck words, edit them into some form of actual coherence, and post them here as if I were writing seriously about all this presently? That actually sounds like something I would do. It’s the perfect type of banal time wasting that doesn’t require legitimate commitment and discipline that I thrive on. I’ll consider it.

Last season I read some really smart people make some really great arguments, and I read some less smart people make some really horrendous arguments. I still might have a Jack Morris post in me yet, but lately, I have to admit I’ve been experiencing some serious Hall of Fame fatigue. The players are mostly the same, and so are the arguments. Sure, last season the righteous prevailed and Bert “I ❤ To Fart” Blyleven got what he deserved. That was lovely. That actually might be a compelling reason why I should continue to care and write passionately about this stuff. Sometimes (rarely) the good guys win and justice is served. This usually only happens when a lot of people yell loudly about something for a long time. But that’s what we have Joe Posnaski and Craig Calcaterra and a whole host of others for. I’ll continue to truly care, but they can do the yelling this year. I’m going to save my voice  and indignation for the coming years when things are going to get really fucked up. Below, you will find my hypothetical Hall of Fame ballot. You know, because I’m such a goddamned baseball expert.

Jeff Bagwell

Tim Raines

Barry Larkin

Edgar Martinez

Alan Trammell

Larry Walker

Mark McGwire

Pete Rose


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2 thoughts on “My Hall of Fame Ballot

  1. Pete Sorice says:

    Is that Pete Rose Jr. or Sr.? I get them confused sometimes.


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