Dispatches From Both Real Life and Baseball Winter

Real life winter because of the season and the snow that’s been falling to the ground in Seattle for the last two days. Baseball winter because of the season and how it’s the time between the end of the World Series and the start of Spring Training.

I’ve been slacking more than usual because of the aforementioned snow. This is my second consecutive day of not working at my real job because of the weather. I probably could have made it in late this morning but don’t tell them that. I probably could have embraced this opportunity to spend some real constructive minimal stress hours writing about this sport of baseball, but I decided to watch Friday Night Lights and drink alcohol instead. Irresponsible. There’s something about snow falling outside and the promise of Wednesday’s off work that makes a person want to drink. Even now I’m having a cup of coffee with Baileys in it. It’s currently 2:45 in the afternoon. This paragraph probably reads like a cry for help but I swear I was just trying to be funny.

Things That Have Happened Lately That Are Related To Baseball

  • Dan Wilson and Randy Johnson are to join the Mariners Hall of Fame. One of them will also make the real Hall of Fame.
  • Snark aside, I have very fond memories of Dan Wilson and I’m happy he’s getting this honor. When I was in fourth grade he came to my elementary school (Presidents, represent!) and spoke at an assembly with another Mariner of the time that I can’t remember. I’m just now realizing how strange that is. Presidents Elementary is about an hour outside of Seattle and surrounded by cow pastures. We were all given a photocopy of their autographs on our way out. I wish I had held on to that.
  • Randy Johnson was and always will be a complete and total badass. It’s both rare and awesome when the numbers and statistics back up the mythical ideal you had built up about a player back when you were a dumb kid who didn’t know any better.
  • Franklin Gutierrez has reportedly gained like 19 pounds. He battled health and intestinal problems last year. When he can hit for a little bit of power and man centerfield on the regular, he’s a special player. I’m very much hoping he returns to form next season.
  • The Mariners signed Oliver Perez to a minor league deal. Not some Oliver Perez you’ve never heard of, the exact one you thought about when reading his name just now. I mention this only to say that it’s funny.
  • I wore a Seattle Mariners baseball hat yesterday.
  • While wearing that hat, I was able to drink a pint of Russian River’s Pliney the Elder. Those numbers you see there are 100 and 100. Very exciting stuff! This bullet point is less about baseball and more about bragging.
  • I also talked to a friend about the Pineda/Montero trade.
  • And to that same friend about the San Francisco Giant’s offseason. Someone tell those guys that they won the World Series recently and are a pretty big deal in San Francisco. It’s ok for them to spend money on baseball players and making the team better if that’s something they find interesting.
  • Here’s a picture of Mickey Mantle wearing a suit and hitting a snowball with a bat in Yankee Stadium. It fits into the theme of this post quite nicely:

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