My First Post Over at Call to the Pen: On the (Supposed) Retirement of David Eckstein

I was recently asked to contribute a couple of times a week to the baseball blog Call to the Pen, part of the FanSided network. This was an offer I eagerly accepted. Call to the Pen is like, legit. This blog is decidedly not. You’ve got to make moves in this world, boys and girls, and I look forward to the opportunity to post at Call to the Pen and get as many eyes as possible on this nonsense some have generously described as “writing about baseball.” Continuing my effort to be somewhat professional and happening, I also started a dreaded Twitter account where I’ll be showboating like no other and trying in vain to start up conversations with people wildly more successful than myself. You can follow me @AgainstKyle, a username I refuse to let go of no matter how young and stupid I was (answers: very and a lot) when it was first created. I’ll still post here regularly, probably saving some of my more ridiculous moments or when I need to use a lot of F words for the familiar comfort of relative obscurity afforded at the Trance of Waiting. It will be fun! About twice a week, I will just simply post here a link to my work over at Call to the Pen, and bam, fuckin’ synergy. Maybe. I don’t really know what that word means. At any rate, here’s my first Call to the Pen post: On the Retirement of David Eckstein. Never mind the part where he may have not actually, you know, retired. Semantics.

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One thought on “My First Post Over at Call to the Pen: On the (Supposed) Retirement of David Eckstein

  1. ryan says:

    super legit man, that is awesome, keep up the good work!


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