Observations on This Prince and Cecil Fielder McDonald’s Commercial From 1992

First off, holy shit, that contract.

Cecil Fielder is named here as the “Home Run King,” a term we use for the guy who hit the most home runs in any given season. His son is named Prince and is not less than one-year-old at the time of this commercials filming. Cecil Fielder was either super cocky or could see into the future. Or both.

Let’s be fair, McDonald’s, Cecil Fielder always looks hungry.

I don’t even know what one of those crappy single cheeseburgers costs today, but 69 cents sticks out as pretty damn cheap. Economics is complicated!

Remember when you could “Make it Bacon”at McDonald’s and add bacon to any burger for like an extra 50 cents? That was awesome. I was in Middle School when that was an option and I made it bacon a shitload of times.

That’s one super stylish team affiliation and endorsement free ball cap the young Prince is wearing.

The Double. Now we’re getting into some real value.

I spoke too soon. The Triple is so cheap it’s almost free!

The phrasing from the announcer is kind of strange. Are we to believe that Prince is refusing to pitch the ball to Cecil, angering and inciting his father until the omnipotent McDonald’s talker-guy escalates his reward for cooperation to the Triple Cheeseburger for only a buck sixty-nine? Because I’ve watched this three or four times and I can’t read it any other way.

Not a bad throwing motion by Prince. Cecil fucked up by not forcing him into throwing left-handed. He could have been a monster on the mound.

Oh, right, Prince Fielder the slugging first baseman just signed a Major League contract worth 214 million dollars over nine years. Nevermind.

Cecil Fielder: Not clutch.

It’s actually kind of cute when the commercial says “it’s a home run combo!” and then the two Fielders are shown walking together. They really did become a home run combo!

I laugh every time that pudgy little out of breath Prince says the word “Dad!” at the end there.


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