Here’s Adrian Beltre and Carlos Beltran Each Hitting Career Home Run 300

On September 11th, 2011 Adrian Beltre hit his 300th career home run. Three days later, Carlos Beltran also hit his 300th career home run. If you think I’m lying (and I don’t know why you would, but hey, I’m not here to mitigate your feelings) here’s some proof along with a couple of rookie cards of the two gentleman*:

Beltre hits dong job #300                                Beltran hits slamma jamma #300


*I was really excited to embed those videos and look super goddamn professional, but it turns out these WordPress gangsters won’t let me and I’m not smart enough to hack around their bullshit. God, what’s the point then? I should just delete this whole post and write about something available on YouTube. I should, but I won’t because I’m weak and uncreative.

Beltre and Beltran are sort of similar players, you know? There’s the whole home run total thing, of course. Their first names have the same number of letters. Their last names sound kind of the same and both start with “B-e-l-t-r.” They both have one of those little lines above a vowel in their last name. My wife and/or the internet would know what that’s called, and I could ask her or it, but I want to provide a truthful account of my ignorance so this post is staying as is. Both players made their Major League debuts in 1998. Beltre was 19 years old and Beltran was 21 years old. Good God, I’ve done nothing with my life. Both players seem to this ignorant sap to be vastly underrated by the casual baseball fan. Beltre gets overlooked because he’s a master with the glove and couldn’t hit in Safeco all those years. Beltran gets overlooked because he’s takes a lot of walks, runs the bases as well as anyone in the history of the game, and he didn’t swing at a pitch that one time in New York. It’s a bummer, but such is life when 80% of everyone is stupid. Probably more. Both players will be really interesting Hall of Fame cases in a few years, provided they both stay reasonably healthy and are able to slowly produce a bit here and there on their way out of the game. Neither is a lock to do that. I hope they both do. Because I really like both of them, that’s why.


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One thought on “Here’s Adrian Beltre and Carlos Beltran Each Hitting Career Home Run 300

  1. Pete Sorice says:

    Beltran deserves enshrinement due to his going bonkers in the playoffs.


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