Call to the Pen: Moneyball Shut Out at Oscars, Joe Morgan Pleased

Moneyball didn’t win any Academy Awards. It probably shouldn’t have. That’s OK. It was a perfectly fine movie but nothing all that spectacular, remember? Brad Pitt was good in it. So was Andy Dwyer. I have to imagine that at least one person was really happy about all of this, and that one person is none other than Joe Leonard Morgan. Hell of a ballplayer, that Joe Morgan. Not much of a brain user, however. It’s long been a great internet baseball nerd tradition and rite of passage to make fun of Morgan in print, and today at Call to the Pen I submit my own humble attempt at beating that horse to absolute and unrelenting death. Please click this hyperlink and continue on to read the words I wrote. There’s a small chance you may find them to be humorous. Also, look at how cool the guy used to be:


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