Call to the Pen: Could Zack Greinke Contend for the Cy Young Award this Season?

It happened again. I wrote about Zack Greinke. It was inevitable and no one should be upset. It was just a quick little 1,100 word post about a pitcher I happen to admire, no big deal. Greinke is good at throwing a baseball, and was a bit unlucky last season, and I think he has a good chance of putting up some really good numbers in the coming months. As long as he doesn’t try and play basketball anytime between then and now*. I hope he ends up on one or both of my fantasy teams. Head on over to Call to the Pen and read all the reasons why I think these things. Look out, because there’s some statistical analysis in there, and it’s very possible I fucking suck at it.

*Rib injury joke.


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