Call to the Pen: 2012 Player Projection: Erik Bedard

I like Erik Bedard. There I said it. Sure, the trade that shall not be named was a pretty goddamn terrible trade, but it’s not like it was his fault. You can’t stop the force of Bill Bavasi’s stupidity. Many tried, many failed. To blame a single specific player for the all the failures and shortcomings of one General Manager is an exercise in being not a very nice or smart person.

Bedard was and continues to be an enigma in Seattle and elsewhere. He now finds himself on the Pirates. That’s cool. The Pirates are cool. For Call to the Pen, I discussed what we might come to expect from Bedard in the upcoming season. He’s a hard guy to figure.

My first year in fantasy baseball, I drafted Bedard in the third round for his first season with the Mariners. That did not go so well. I think I’ve drafted and/or owned him every single season since. He’s usually a bargain if you have the room to be patient with his weird injuries. When he’s healthy, he’s good. The strikeouts, man. And that curveball.

There’s also this:

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