Call to the Pen: Even More White Hot MLB Predictions

Opening Day. The Masters. Twitter. Work. There sure were a lot of things happening at once for this sporting fan during the day. I somehow survived it all, sanity as in tact as it will ever be. The Padres and Dodgers are playing baseball right now. Clayton Kershaw has the flu. Baseball is now officially back and is not going to leave for a long time. That’s cool with me. It’s a tradition unlike any other. Wait, that can’t be right.

What with baseball being back at all, I figured it would be appropriate to pile on a bit more MLB predictions over at Call to the Pen. These aren’t your standard boring predictions—records, division winners, award winners and the like, these are some white hot predictions. Dangerously hot. So hot that some of them are kind of legitimate and involve reality, while some are complete nonsense. I trade in baseball nonsense.


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