An Open Letter to the Poor Soul Who Landed on This Blog by Searching “xfip vs sierra”

I’m really sorry. I’m really very sorry for being such a disappointment to you. You, looking for a legitimate answer to a legitimate question, looking to expand your knowledge of advanced baseball statistics, searched “xfip vs sierra,” and Google betrayed you. Google betrayed you because you landed here. You probably landed on this post. You probably read the line “SIERRA is better than FIP,” you then probably read the subsequent line of “It doesn’t really matter,” and you then probably felt cheated, betrayed. You were right to feel that way. Your emotions were justified. You had been cheated. You had been betrayed. This is not a place to learn. Whatever the opposite of learning is, this is what this place is for. Unlearning. Getting dumber. You shouldn’t have seen what you saw. You opened yourself up to the universe, and you should have been rewarded for such a bold and admirable gesture. You should not have been punished as you were. You should have landed somewhere else, you should have read this. You should have been treated with respect. You should have been treated the way you deserve to be treated.


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