Call to the Pen: Old Man Baseball Writer Irritates, Saddens

My most recent post over at Call to the Pen went up yesterday, and it’s about this article this one old dude wrote about how dumb and inhuman and elitist (read: intelligent) sabermetrics are and how they don’t account for awesome human emotions and feelings and whatever other nonsense he said that I can’t even remember anymore because I’m so bored by the whole thing. I wrote about how tired all of this is, and how it kind of bums me out when old dudes, who I assume to be perfectly pleasant and affable gentleman in real life, spout this garbage and get the whole internet up in a puff and mad at them. We should all be friends! We all like baseball and could talk about it together! Maybe. I normally post these companion posts here on the same day of the Call to the Pen publishing, but this time I’m a day late. Mixing it up, people. Keeping shit fresh.

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