Call to the Pen: Indie Rocker Ben Gibbard Not a Fan of Yankee Stadium

The ol’ Trance of Waiting has been a bit intermittent this week.  Allow me to explain: It’s Seattle Beer Week. There, that aught to settle things. My wife and I may or may not have taken work off both today and yesterday. We may or may not have arrived at Sour Fest yesterday morning at 11AM. There may or may not be about 3 growlers worth of sweet, sweet premium craft beer in my fridge right now. Don’t judge lest ye be judged.

At any rate, I managed to not completely run off the rails this week. I dug real deep and found some how some way to publish my two weekly Call to the Pen posts. The second of which concerns rock and roller Ben Gibbard and what he thinks about a couple of MLB stadia. The title is going to give away the most notable of his choices. I’m not even going to tell you his other choice because click on the link that’s why.

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