Comedian Nick Thune Smites Collegiate Baseball Player Nick Thune

On a recent episode of the popular internet podcast Doug Loves Movies, comedian Nick Thune mentioned that there was a collegiate baseball player of the same name. In 2010, the baseball player Nick Thune was a Freshman at the University of Nebraska and had received the honor of being named to the Baseball Big 12 Commissioner’s Honor Roll. His major was undeclared. As far as my meager research can tell me, at present day, he is no longer a member of the current roster. I have no idea what position he might have played. Them’s the breaks, I guess.

According to the podcast, the comedian Nick Thune did not take kindly to the amateur baseball player Nick Thune stealing his internet thunder. All of this seems to have come to a head sometime in 2009. A Google search at that time of “Nick Thune baseball” would result in all sorts of links and articles about the athlete, with no mention of the comedian, and the comedian did not care for that. In order to regain his SEO dominance, the comedian Nick Thune created a YouTube video entitled “NICK THUNE HITS A HOMERUN.” The theory went that this would make the comedian Nick Thune the master of all internet searches involving his name—comedic, athletic, or otherwise. Very spiteful stuff, this. Over the years, the Google clout of this particular video seems to have lessened, and an internet search of “Nick Thune baseball” has once again been taken over by, you know, the actual baseball player. But I’m sure there was a good and humorous run there where the comedian reigned supreme. Just as I’m sure this has been a blog post of some kind.

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3 thoughts on “Comedian Nick Thune Smites Collegiate Baseball Player Nick Thune

  1. Jeremy Smith says:

    So guess what was the first result when I searched for Nick Thune Baseball just now…

  2. Nick Thune says:

    Thanks for getting this out there. Any help is much appreciated. #nickthunebaseball


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