Call to the Pen: Bud Selig Feels No Pressure To Expand Instant Replay

Evil Alien Fish Man MLB Krampus Bud Selig is spouting off some bullshit in the media these days about how no one is telling him that expanding instant replay is important and how it will be super awesome for baseball to continue in its dinosaur ways where umpires constantly get calls wrong and 6-year-olds and 74-year-olds at home watching TV know it to be obvious but the poor blind saps on the field have no power to do anything about it or rectify their incompetence in any way whatsoever. He’s either oblivious or lying or perhaps even a lovely, soul-sucking combination of both.
So I wrote a bit about all that at Call to the Pen.

Hat tip to Baumann for the totally real and accurate and not doctored in anyway photograph of Bud Selig in his natural, child-eating form.

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