Hey, Check Out This Alvin Davis Baseball Card I Found At Safeco Field

I was fortunate enough to attend a real life Mariners game recently. I wrote a bit about that. What I did not mention in said writing is that before the game, I found this Alvin Davis baseball card. The story goes like this: My wife and I, as we are sometimes wont to do, had entered Safeco Field some time before the scheduled first pitch. We did this so that we could spend some time in “The Pen” area of the stadium. This is a standing spectator area behind the outfield and bullpen where fans can buy concessions, watch pitchers warm up, take in the game, get belligerently drunk, or some combination of all of these things. Up to one hour before the official start time of the game, beers are available in The Pen at “Happy Hour” prices, which means they’re priced normally and you can get a beer for Five American Dollars. Imagine that. My wife and I were enjoying a couple of these five dollar beers when my co-worker and his wife arrived at the stadium. We were sitting together for the game and also held their tickets and so walked to The Pen’s gate in order to hand them over. While en route, I spotted this Alvin Davis baseball card on the side corner of a concession stand. Not willing to assume it had been misplaced and forgotten by its original owner and was, therefore, up for grabs (take note owners of valuable things, this is how I view all property and possessions), I walked past the baseball card and proceeded to greet my co-worker and his wife. We stood idly and talked for some minutes. When we returned to the area where the card had previously been, walking through on our way to our seats, Alvin Davis was still there. He smiled at me. I grabbed the card and put it in my pocket. I seem to be collecting neat Alvin Davis memorabilia. I later had my wife transfer the card to her purse for safe keeping. It is now mine. It has a bit of a crease in one of the corners but it’s mine all the same. That’s it. That’s the story.


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