Call to the Pen: Manager’s Son Tate Matheny To Start, Some Cardinals Players Miffed

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Despite the discord currently felt in the clubhouse. Manager Mike Matheny defended the organization’s decision to instantly make his son the team’s starting center fielder. The coach addressed the media saying, “We think he gives our club the best chance to win, right now. I know he’s only eighteen, but he can hit. He’s worked really hard his whole life to be a good hitter. I should know, trust me, I was there. Oh boy, was I… There were a lot of long nights out in the yard throwing him BP. A lot of nights. And he’s such a good kid. He’s just a really great kid. Time goes by so fast, man.” Matheny ensured that the negativity surrounding the move would be addressed in house, with a closed door team meeting scheduled before tonight’s game.

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