Call to the Pen: Davey Johnson Calls Joe Maddon “A Weird Wuss,” Delights Nation

Look at this fucking Weird Wuss

I’m a really big fan of the new and exciting term “weird wuss” that Davey Johnson has gifted to all of us. Davey Johnson is an American Hero. Between all of the different internet destinations that I indulgently mumble my thoughts, I’m sort of running out to ways to describe my enjoyment of “weird” and “wuss” combined in holy union. With that in mind, I’d point you over to Call to the Pen, where I blabbered about this subject at some length, while also naming a handful of players who are either Weird, a Wuss or the rare breed of Both. Because I love you, dear reader, here’s an exclusive sneak peak of that list of players: Zack Greinke, Tim Lincecum, Alex Rodriguez, Others. Please consider your appetite sufficiently whetted (gross).


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