Let’s Just Look at All These People’s Faces For a Minute

The great thing about this photograph is that it is hilarious and also has something to do with baseball. Bonus points for the inclusion of Mariners fans and for Red Sox fans seemingly taking the brunt of the punishment. I’m looking at the picture right now and I’m laughing out loud real-life-not-internet style. Literal guffaws and chuckles. Mirth abounding. I have half a mind to break this fucker down one face at a time but that would require some real effort and commitment. I don’t care for either of those things. Instead, I’ll convince myself that the journey of discovery is best left to the reader and his or her imagination. Scan this photograph with your eyes, look deeply and leave no visage uninspected, for there are treasures to behold and rewards to be reaped for the discerning viewer. Hahaha, the looks on all the faces. A tip of the imaginary cap to Adam Kramer for alerting the world to all of this on the Twitter machine.

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