Call to the Pen: Bud Selig Won’t Stop Saying Stupid Things About Instant Replay, Is a Rhetorical Genius

Hey now, having the Fourth of July fall on a Wednesday really did a number on this fake baseball blogger’s schedule. At any rate, here’s a post I wrote at Call to the Pen about how Bud Selig can’t stop saying stupid shit about instant replay. It includes a picture that I enjoy quite a bit. I wrote it some time, maybe Monday, maybe Tuesday, who the hell knows? I’m not even sure what day it is now. Where am I? I’m tired.

Selig’s statement is so inane, so illogical, so insulting to the feeble intelligence that I desperately cling to, that I think he might just be a rhetorical genius. Look, Selig doesn’t like instant replay, it doesn’t take a rocket surgeon to figure as much. And so he ducks, and he weaves, and he deke’s the opposition the best he can. And this may be his most brilliant strategy yet. To hell with combating instant replay head on. No one ever wins arguing against the truth.


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