Call to the Pen: Chase Headley Drawing Trade Interest, Good at Baseball

I’ve always had something of a soft spot for Chase Headley, San Diego Padres baseball player. Don’t ask me where that soft spot is specifically located, just know that it’s there and I’m fine and let’s move on ok thanks. Dude gets on base, he plays a somewhat valuable and scarce position, he hits switch with a bit of pop and runs the bases with a bit of speed. It’s an overall wonderful, if not enthralling package. Headley is underrated because he doesn’t thrive at one single thing with a lot of noise, but rather does many things very well with minimal racket. I seem to like those kind of players. Now, it seems a few Major League teams are taking a shinning to Headley’s brand of baseball as well. They would like to trade for him because he’s good and won’t make very much money for a couple more years. Analysis: Talented players who make less money than they’re worth are extremely valuable in baseball. Read all about it over at Call to the Pen, please.


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