FanSided: Accepting the MLB All-Star Game

or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Sort of Love a Meaningless Exhibition That Determines Home Field Advantage in the World Series

I have a new writing gig and it will be contributing to the FanSided parent site once a week. It’s all very exciting news except it just means I have to come up with one extra interesting idea per week. This shit is hard! You might see a few more lazy link/excerpt posts around here, maybe a couple more half-assed Arrested Development YouTubes, things like that. When I started this blog my goal was to force myself to write something five times a week no matter the word count. I managed to do that for a while but lately, what with the Real Website responsibilities, some weeks it can be a struggle. Besides, there are lives to be lived and beers to be drunk out there in this crazy world. But whatever, who cares about my fucking schedule. That’s enough boring housekeeping for now. Long story short: I wrote about the Accepting the All-Star Game over at FanSided this week. Baseball fans just can’t get enough All-Star Game content! Click over and read it if you don’t mind.


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