Call to the Pen: This (That) Thursday Without Baseball: An Open Letter

I wrote a post yesterday about how there was no baseball and how that was bad. It’s written as if the day was that very specific Thursday in time and so reading it on Friday or some other day in the future might be kind of strange but oh well these things happen. Read it and remember that horrible time without baseball and be glad that it is gone. I’m actually writing this post on Thursday, so the tense of the Call to the Pen piece still makes perfect sense to me! Ha! In your face! *Hot Update: I recently edited the CttP post with a slew of awkward and clumsy strikethroughs in an attempt to make it fit the present. So there’s that.* I’m living in the moment right now and you are living in the past and if life and literature and art has taught me anything it’s that living in the past is no way to live. I am writing from the past because I happen to have a bit of time this evening and figured I might as well get this over with. Inspiring shit, I know. I’m scheduling this post to run on Friday because at this very moment it’s 7:21 pm in Seattle and therefore much later in all the other parts of the country and so posting/tweeting/internet hustling in service of the post will be even less fruitful now than it will be tomorrow. And yet still I will somehow find a way to carry on. Click this internet hyperlink and read This Thursday Without Baseball: An Open Letter if you feel so inclined. Forgive me, Cormac McCarthy, I used a few run on sentences that utilized the word “and” a lot and took on a somewhat desolate tone. That’s your thing.


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