FanSided: Matt Holliday: Good Hitter, Baseball Player

This blog is starting to look stupid with all these links and excerpts. Oh well, I hope you like the pictures I use to vainly punch things up. Look at that funny baseball card of Matt Holliday, isn’t it visually interesting and also amusing to your eyes and brain?

Please click this internet hyperlink to read my entire Trade Deadline post over at FanSided

Pop quiz, hot shot: Name Matt Holliday‘s best offensive season. Unless you’re a filthy cheater, or are strong of intuition and sense a bit of chicanery, then you probably answered something like: Oh, man, I don’t know, one of those Coors seasons. Maybe 2007? That was a long time ago. What am I, some kind of baseball encyclopedia? This is what the internet is for. Alright, alright, hypothetical reader/question answerer—you make a good point. That is what the internet is for. Good thing we’re all here. So we’ve had some fun, I’ve managed to fabricate this entire opening paragraph out of nonsense, and now it’s time for the answer. It’s this season, the one happening right now. Matt Holliday is currently on pace for the best offensive season of his career.


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