Fansided: MLB MVP Candidates: All the Good Players

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The current frontrunners for the two MVP awards are: All the good players. All the good players are popular, and the more good players on lists in posts like this, the more one is able to excite or upset or anger people who think their favorite or preferred good player is more deserving than the other good players. This is Internet 101 and I’m about to totally nail it here pretty soon. There’s the young superstar who’s mashing the baseball and playing a superior defensive position with elite skill. There’s the other young superstar who’s doing the same thing. There’s that third baseman who’s really good, and the catcher who’s recently caught fire at the plate despite his position being perhaps the most difficult and physically demanding on the diamond. There are also all those first baseman who always hit a ton of home runs. And there are even pitchers who are good and who cause a lot of arguments! Baseball is crazy with good players and all of them have a chance to win the MVP. Doesn’t that make you happy or mad and make you want to discuss and comment and link others to this post?


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