Hot Trance of Waiting Internet Status Update!

The Apocalypse, naturally.

After many painful (so painful) months of (somewhat) diligent baseball writing, the Trance of Waiting has gone dark. This is not wise or professional or good for the author’s future in any way whatsoever, but the author swears it’s not his fault. There have been no posts here, or at Call to the Pen, or at FanSided, for some time now. The reason for this is due to the author moving to a new place of residence, and that place of residence not being currently equipped with television or internet. Calls have been made, chats have been chatted, reference numbers exchanged, and still, there appears to be no end in sight, no rescue from this expanding and unrelenting void. We are at the mercy of a clumsy and uncaring corporation, a monolith devoid of all urgency and empathy. We are hostage, and we are alone. Comcast, if you’re reading this—Fuck You.

This connection outage comes at a particularly unfortunate time, for a few different reasons. Recently, this blog was graced with a link from the pages of NotGraphs, a very excellent baseballing destination on the internet, one the author very much admires, and one that boasts readership probably like one-thousand times that of this place. There was a moment to seize here, perhaps, a moment to gain more regular readers and instill the author with something resembling hope and purpose. That moment has passed, as all moments do—the author remains bitter and despondent. The baseball regular season is also entering it’s final month. This is a tense and exciting time where much is decided and much is discussed. The Orioles, the Athletics, the Pirates. End of Season Awards. Controversy, exultation. The Trance of Waiting has been silent in regards to all of these things, and unfortunately, will remain so for an indeterminate amount of time. This is pretty much totally stupid and shitty, but we will endure this hardship, time will pass, and things will eventually return to normal. The author will use the internet at his place of work to keep up on baseball’s happenings and perhaps offer a clandestine post or two, time and sanity permitting.

This is what’s happening. This is the reality of the situation. Hold tight, the five or six of you out there, the Trance of Waiting says it will never die. The Trance of Waiting’s feet are light and nimble. The Trance of Waiting never sleeps. The Trance of Waiting says that it will never die. The Trance of Waiting dances in light and shadow and it is a great favorite. It never sleeps, the blog. The Trance of Waiting is dancing, dancing. The Trance of Waiting says that it will never die.


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