This is a Baseball Blog Post

Baseball Player

This is a baseball blog post. It discusses the sport of baseball and offers insight and humor in regards to one specific facet of the game. It features a picture of a baseball player and a caption accompanying the picture. It does not feature a video because embedding videos on this platform, while probably not impossible, is not simple. This baseball blog post utilizes baseball statistics in order to illustrate a perceived objective truth about the game and the players who play it. This baseball blog post makes an argument and then uses evidence to support that argument. There are also jokes.

This baseball blog post features one or two digressions, digressions the author utilizes as a means towards accumulating an appropriate amount of words and content so that this baseball blog post seems lengthy and considered and substantial rather than thin and lacking and without merit. The digressions are also easier to produce than the analysis, because the digressions simply require a modicum of writing aptitude while the analysis requires a grasp of mathematics and well-reasoned, nuanced critical thought. This baseball blog post has a conclusion, an interesting and concise summation of the overall thesis presented previously in the body of the entry. This baseball blog post ends in a profound way, either with a particularly inspired flourish of prose or with a clever and humorous witticism.


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