Jeter is an Overhyped Singles Slapper

I have neither the time nor the talent to properly summarize the glorious contents of the above internet video. Or I’m a lazy and terrible blogger, you decide! Suffice it to say (I just spent like six minutes on the internet trying to determine the proper phrasing of that term) that there are Yankees players being grilled like American Meats, using walkers like old people, and CC Sabathia being netted like a beached whale. There are also pirate ships, an eye-patch, batters swinging, missing, and screwing themselves into the ground, and all sorts of topical and appropriate jokes regarding baseball and baseball teams. Watch it. Feel mirth.

Embedded YouTube videos are really great for mailing in blog posts.

Thanks to CBS Sports Eye on Baseball (the Home for All Baseball Fans) and C. Trent Rosecrans and Dayn Perry for bringing this wonderful creation to my attention. I don’t really know how to properly give credit on the internet but I think that about covers it.


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4 thoughts on “Jeter is an Overhyped Singles Slapper

  1. My Favorite Part? The Gratuitous THUMBS UP hahahaha
    Can’t Go Wrong With That!
    Funny Video, Dude.
    Very Funny hehehe
    Down With The Yanks!!!

  2. Aaron JW says:

    What the heck was that? That is some high quality baseball analysis. Excellent.


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