Call to the Pen: The Ecstasy of Josh Beckett Being Thrown Out at First from Right Field

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It’s been almost a full week since Josh Beckett was thrown out at first from right field by Carlos Beltran and I’m still not fully over the total awesomeness of the event. And you thought my first post back at Call to the Pen after an extended absence was going to be about something “newsworthy” or “relevant” or “topical.” Admittedly, I have something of a soft spot for batters being thrown out at first from right field. I love it. I have no idea why or how this has come to be but my love is real and it is large. I have watched the video of this play enough times that I don’t care to divulge the exact number, and I will watch it a handful more as I craft this post. I have no problem with this. The video’s charms do not diminish upon repeat viewings. Like fine wine, the video ages, details become more pronounced, complexities tease and excite the senses. Inebriation dulls the harsh edges of life, bathing time and space in a soft and comforting glow. Mirth abounds.

Follow the above link and you shall be rewarded with a lot of pictures and a small little drama involving Josh Beckett and Carlos Beltran. There is a hit, and some running, and a throw, and things kind of go from there. Read on, please, for the Heart of Man hangs in the balance.


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