Call to the Pen: Mike Trout and Miguel Cabrera Have Been Equal Offensive Forces

Back about 45 years ago when I decided to start this blog, I thought I’d be this awesome stats guy. I’d like, totally use WAR and wRC+ and LD% or whatever and tell people who was good at baseball and who wasn’t. I’d analyze trades by dollar-per-win and illuminate the ignorant masses as to how a baseball team is properly run.

It turns out that shit is really hard. And complicated! The more I learn and know about advanced metrics, the more I realize how large the gap is between my feeble brain and the minds of the smart people who can actually write those types of articles well and with regularity. It’s sort of like just about everything I’ve tried to be good at/know about in life. Smart enough to be better than average, smart enough to know I’ll never reach the top. The good news is that the Internet can’t get enough smart baseball analysis, something I’ve decided I have no interest in attempting. My wife was telling me last night about how I’m a pessimist. What does she know?

All this is to say that the joke’s on me, because I wrote a blog post that uses some statistics. They’re pretty easy ones, and I probably abused the hell out of them, but the words have been written and the post has been published so there’s no looking back now. When in doubt, just write whatever you want and pray you’re not 100% wrong.

Please click this internet hyperlink to read the entire post over at Call to the Pen


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