FanSided: Bud Selig and MLB Umpires Are So Good at Their Jobs

It’s a big day for me, as this post inspired the following comment from “bigyaz:” Did you really spend time writing this pile of crap? Is it supposed to be funny, or have some kind of point? My first negative blog post comment! And fitting! I think this means I’m an official blogger now. It feels good. Thank you.

Please click this internet hyperlink to read the entire post over at FanSided

I just want to say that Bud Selig and the MLB umpires are so good at their jobs. They are really very good. I hope none of them ever quit or retire or get fired, because they are so good. And so competent. And professional. And the best. Just the best. I want you to imagine the most ideal commissioner and umpire combo. Close your eyes and craft from your subconscious the greatest MLB commissioner, overseeing the greatest umpires—that’s Bud Selig and the men currently calling Major League Baseball games. Top notch. The cream of the crop. The best of the best.



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