Call to the Pen: Remembering Jack Wilson’s Insane Defensive Play

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Jack Wilson had himself a baseball career, you could definitely say that and not be wrong. 12 seasons, almost 1,300 hits, 14.2 fWAR. Not notable, really. Extremely amazing and successful from one perspective, kind of boring and unremarkable from another. Perspective is everything. Jack Wilson was on the Seattle Mariners for a while, and being a fan of that stupid team, I got a chance to watch him play with some frequency. He was equally parts interesting and frustrating. He was kind of a goofball, and he couldn’t hit, but the dude was really good at defense. So good at defense. A glove wizard at shortstop is one of my favorite things in all of baseball and Jack Wilson was capable of being just that. At least the Mariners can fulfill me in this way, hopefully forever. In honor of Wilson’s retirement, and even though he was manning second base at the time, I’d like us to remember his greatest defensive play as a Mariner, and one of the best defensive plays I’ve ever witnessed with my eyes and brain and heart.


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One thought on “Call to the Pen: Remembering Jack Wilson’s Insane Defensive Play

  1. Aaron JW says:

    Impressive. Plus, his last name is awesome.


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