Call to the Pen: Yoenis Cespedes for American League Rookie of the Year

Sometimes I write satirical pieces and people think that they are real. I can’t decide if that makes me a total success or a total failure. Either way, I refuse to take responsibility. Blame the reader! I always say. It’s a great strategy that has served me very well thus far in my time as a writer.

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No one is talking about the American League Rookie of the Year race and this is a gross injustice that needs to be rectified. All I’ve been hearing about lately is the AL MVP. Mike Trout, Miguel Cabrera, blah blah blah. Everyone seems to be taking for granted that just because Mike Trout is getting some (largely undeserved) MVP buzz, that this automatically makes him the undisputed AL Rookie of the Year, end of discussion. End of discussion? There needs to be a discussion! There is no such thing as a sure things in sports (or sports writing). There must always be two options, and we must consider both options and give them equal weight because that is what’s fair and right (and controversial). In this spirit, I present to you the Oakland Athletics’s Yoenis Cespedes (American League Rookie of the Year).


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