Call to the Pen: 2012 Season Review Series: Seattle Mariners

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The AL West had a few surprises this season. The Oakland Athletics won (won!) the division. The Texas Rangers dominated and then faltered and were unable to survive a one-game playoff. The Angels had the greatest player on earth, as well as a whole host of superstars surrounding him, and failed to make the postseason. All that incredible, suspenseful, surprising stuff, and no mention of the Seattle Mariners. That is because the Seattle Mariners did not surprise anyone, they did exactly what was expected of them. They lost a lot of baseball games and they finished last in the division. The pitching was pretty decent, the fielding was above average, and the offense was abysmal. That’s how the Mariners roll. That’s how they’ve been rolling for quite some time. They should stop rolling. They should sit still. They should sit still and think about what they’ve done and how they could do better. Roll different.


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