Purchased: Randy Johnson and Ken Griffey Jr. 1991 Fleer Baseball Cards

Don’t check my math, but I’m pretty sure I was like, 5 years old in 1991. Let’s all stop and think for a moment about how long ago 1991 actually was. Daunting! Terrifying! The passage of time is inescapable. Doom inevitable. One foolproof way to distract yourself from such thoughts is to purchase goods with money. Excitement and endorphins and all that. The cold yet stabilizing embrace of capitalistic endeavor.

I purchased these two baseball cards for the grand total of $3.96. 99 cents each, 99 cents shipping each. A slamming deal, no doubt. This blog post by Navin Vaswani is responsible. I looked upon and read the post and I was quite taken by the aesthetics of this particular card set. I quickly searched Ebay for any Seattle Mariners who may have been included. It turns out two very talented and relatively-new-at-the-time Seattle Mariners made the cut. One was a left-handed pitcher named Randy Johnson and the other was a left-handed outfielder named Ken Griffey Jr. They turned out to be pretty good, you should look them up.

Like all of the silly baseball cards I purchase as an adult, once received, I will gaze upon them with warmth for a short while, I will read the notes and statistics on the back, maybe leave them out on my desk for a few days. They will then go into the drawer with all the rest of my prized cards, and there they will stay. They will be there, later, when I decide I need to look at them again. When I’m older, when 1991 is even further away.


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