Photograph: Tim Lincecum, Baseball Pitcher

Photo taken by Christian Petersen / Getty Images

I have no comment on Tim Lincecum’s recent struggles other than they sadden me. I like Tim Lincecum. I like this picture of him. I like the delivery, and the hair, and the hat, and the uniform, and the number on the back of the uniform. And the dirt and the grass and the colors and the feeling.


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4 thoughts on “Photograph: Tim Lincecum, Baseball Pitcher

  1. But Not His Glove Or His Shoes, Eh!?!
    What, You Got A Problem With Shoes And Gloves, Now?!?
    So Picky.
    I Like Timmy, Also.
    So It’s All Good πŸ™‚

  2. amiramelody says:

    I’m a life-long Giants fan (just wrote a post about the 2010 World Series win!) but Timmy has definitely been disappointing this season. Yet, because I am a Giants fan, I still have faith in him. I just don’t think he should have been given the opportunity he had last night. Boch should have kept him as a reliever. Maybe he’ll perk up next season πŸ™‚


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